'A la Carte' Doula advice & support

150€ per individual consultation : antenatal & postnatal

  • If you are simply looking for some extra support or advice around your pregnancy & birth choices in Paris then I offer individual consultations, usually in your home.

Consultation prices are based on a 2 hour appointment, as I feel it’s important to really listen to you, your story, and your ‘approach’ to be able to advise you effectively on your pregnancy & birth choices here.

It’s difficult for me to give you personalised advice over email for something that is so personal and important, which is why I have added this option of a one-off Doula consultation, for those simply seeking extra support and advice about their pregnancy and birth choices in Paris.

I have spent a good deal of time making many wonderful contacts here in Paris, from Fertility experts to Acupuncturists, Osteopaths & Perinatal psychologist - and of course Doulas & Midwives. I also have a wealth of personal knowledge, skills & experience, which I have gathered over 6 years of working first as a Doula & Yoga teacher, and then later as a Midwife & Hypnobirthing & meditation teacher.  I have particularly good links with Midwives specialising in physiological (“natural”) birth, and homebirths, and who are more respectful of women’e choices and individual needs that the standard conveyor belt care of many hospitals & clinics.

As such, these consultations can be especially useful for those women & their partners who are new to Paris, and need help navigating the system.  I can also sign-post you towards anglophone services and professionals in Paris. 


These appointements can also be useful in the postnatal period if you would like a birth debrief, or simply some guidance or support.  The postnatal period can be emotionally challenging and sometimes we just need someone to talk to who is experienced, empathetic, and understanding of these many physical, emotional & social changes that can fell overwhelming.  

Testimonials: why is this service useful?

"As still somewhat of a newbie to Paris at just over a year into living here, anticipating having my first child here was, well to be honest, a bit terrifying. After reading every Expat in Paris mom-to-be blog, article, post and handbook I could get my hands on, I still felt like I didn't quite get it and just needed to sit down with someone who knew what they were talking about! I had so many questions about how the french system works (hospitals vs. clinics, midwives vs. doctors, how to find practitioners and facilities who would support a natural birth, but still be capable of handling anything, how to determine whether I could pull this off in French or needed to find English speaking practitioners and if so, where to find them, etc.).

I was so fortunate to make my way to Jodi. Not only did she help me weed my way through all of my "how does it work in Paris" questions, she also gave me recommendations for local practitioners, books and classes (all in english!) that align to my school of thought. My consultation with her truly was a one-stop shop that served to get me grounded, ease my anxiety and also hooked into several local networks to support my pregnancy. I am now in a place where I'm feeling like I've got this (well, as much as one can feel like that)! Thank you, Jodi!"


Additional support

If you feel like you would benefit from ongoing support & contact throughout your pregnancy, birth & postnatal period, please see my Doula Packages here