Let Me Look after You

Why have a Doula? Because you deserve it!

 “I firmly believe that birth can be a tremendously empowering, life-changing,  and intensely spiritual event….and when I say spiritual I mean it in it’s definition as something that profoundly impacts upon the human spirit or soul.  Not something to do with tie-die or oil burners…”

Pregnancy is a time of unprecedented physical, hormonal and emotional change. 

It’s normal to feel anxious, confused, and even elated at times…but since all of this is very new to you, you may be unsure what’s normal, and simply need to sound it all out with someone.

Having an experienced, friendly, professional around to support you, who you know and trust, can help you to relieve some of those anxieties and give you greater confidence in yourself, and your body.

Your body is doing an incredible and wonderful thing growing a baby, and preparing itself for your birth.  But the many hormonal and physical changes, which facilitate this, can be confusing and sometimes overpowering.

Your baby too, experiences these emotions, as he or she is a part of you, and shares all that you encounter.  The intricate neuroscience of the physical and emotional impacts of stress hormones are complex, but we are increasing aware that when mums are happy and healthy, so too are their babies. 

Consequently, staying as positive, confident and relaxed as possible, throughout your pregnancy and birth, will have a profound impact on both you and your baby that can last a lifetime.

In this peculiar modern world that we live in, many parents have never even held a baby before they hold their very own.  And navigating all of the new, and sometimes contradictory information, about pregnancy and birth and caring for a baby, can be overwhelming.

As an experienced Doula I can assist both the mum and her partner with navigating those complex decisions that arise during your pregnancy and birth.  Your journey is unique, and special, and having someone around you that respects and validates your beliefs, and intuitions, can be reassuring and uplifting.

Labour, in particular, is a phenominal, and mind-altering event; the physical and mental sensations will require all of your attention.  Having me around to act as a prompt, and a guide, will allow you to focus on the immediacy of the event itself.  As Michel Odent reminds us, labour is an essentially primal act, and activating the ‘thinking brain,’ can disturb the birth process and take you out of your rhythm.  Let me take care of all of the logistical stuff, so that you can concentrate on the all-consuming sensations of birth.

Whilst partners and family can be a wonderful support and reassurance, they perhaps do not have the experience of a well-versed Doula.  I have spent over 4 years training as a Midwife and Doula, and have had a whole lifetime of accumulating knowledge and experience of active birth principles, meditation, yoga, and hypnobirthing techniques. 

Partners too deserve to be nurtured during this potentially stressful and life-changing event, and whilst they may have taken time to attend antenatal preparation and do some research about birth, they are not a practised expert. They too are only human and will be experiencing complex feelings around birth and their own transition to parenthood.  Allowing me, as a Doula, to act as a professional friend and guide can also take some of the pressure off partners, so that they too can share this special experience, and you can both enjoy the birth together. 

You only get to experience this life-changing event once in your life, so let me help you to make it a wonderful one.

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