Maternity Leave: for Doula Paris turned Preggo Paris ;)

A quick update on what's going-on and not-going-on during my maternity leave...

As most of you already know (thanks to my excessive facebooking & instagramming -soz!) I am currently growing a beautiful little baby boy of my own!

For the last 7 years, I have been spending my time learning everything I possibly can about pregnancy birth & motherhood, and supporting hundreds of other women through their unique and miraculous journeys into motherhood.

Now it’s time for me to make this magical journey of my own!

Since I am always singing from the roof tops about how important it is to Slow down, Tune in and Connect with your body’s own natural intelligence during this precious time, it is now the moment for me to take a slice of my own advice and sign out temporarily from supporting other women, so that I can focus on my own unique and personal journey.…

Over recent weeks I’ve felt a strong pull towards retreating, and taking the time to fully tune in to listen, experience and to know these many and incredible changes that are going on in my body, and mind, more intimately.

What a luxury, to be able to simply sit, breathe, and to listen to the minute-to-minute transformations going on inside my very being.  I can (and have been!) spending literally hours lying on my yoga mat with my hands on my tum monitoring this little wriggler and feeling insanely connected to my body, my breath and to the natural intelligence of life, that is able to create and sustain an entire human being, right inside my tum.

It blows my mind almost daily that my body is so gloriously capable of nurturing and sustaining a whole new life inside of me and that all this bumping around in my belly is actually a whole little person that I will get to hold in my arms sometime later this Summer.

And so it feels undeniably important to me that I take the time to give this unique and specular period in my life the grace, respect and attention it both deserves, and is calling for.

After all…what could BE more important, and profound, than this ?

So before I immerse myself completely into the full spirituality of it all....her's a few important bits of info for you about what's still going on and not-going-on during my 'maternity leave':

Pregnancy BLOG

I will be continuing to blog about my baby growing–birthing–mothering adventures on my new blogpage « Preggo Paris » here.  Please join me there to follow what I am doing with myself during my maternity leave, from prenatal swimming classes, to exploring the best baby-friendly spots around Paris!

As usual, I will continue to post TONNES of other useful info about pregnancy, birth and motherhood on my Doula Paris Facebook page here, as well as other info on pregnancy/birth related events in both Paris and the UK.


If you would like to book a *private* one-to-one hypnobirthing course this will be possible from November 2017.  

I don't plan to restart teaching my group hypnobirthing classes until early 2018.

If you would like to book a *private* one-to-one hypnobirthing course this will be possible from November 2017.  

Please follow my Doula Paris facebook page to receive updates of when I restart my group classes.


My weekly prenatal and postnatal group yoga classes are temporarily on hold until later this year.  To keep up to date with when my yoga classes will be restarting, please follow my Doula Paris facebook page.. Info on my yoga classes is also updated on my website here :

While I am away, I recommend the following prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers in Paris :

-       Sharon Bales :

-       Brigitte :

-       Marisa Bai :

-       Perrine Alloid :

I would also normally recommend Emma Ford’s classes but she is also pregnant at the moment and so I expect taking her own maternity leave soon too! :)


The Paris Positive Birth Movement is currently not having any meetings until next year (2018), while I am on maternity leave and busy growing-birthing a little positive birth baby of my own! : )

Please do continue to like & share our Positive Birth Movement Paris Facebook page though as we will be re-announcing meetings on there in the New Year.

THANK YOU and reviews

And finally a BIG thank you to everyone who has taken my hypnobirthing classes and yoga classes recently, it is always such a pleasure to join you and support you on your beautiful journeys into motherhood.

I have received so many gorgeous and heart-felt emails, texts and reviews from many of you thanking me for my support and advice during your pregnancies and this really does mean so much to me.

If you have enjoyed my classes and services then please do leave me a review on my Doula Paris facebook page here:  It really is very much appreciated : )

Love to you all and your little ones,