"Jodi is amazing!  I can't recommend her hypnobirthing course enough.  My husband and I both learned so much and the course gave us both the knowledge of the physiology of the natural birth process that we needed to face a drug-free birth without fear. We wanted to labor at home for as long as possible before going to the hospital to avoid the constant monitoring and to lessen the possibility of intervention.  Labor lasted 9 hours from the first contraction to the arrival of our son, Bennett.  Thanks to Jodi's instruction, I was able to calmly and confidently labor at home for most of it and ended up spending only the last 1 hour 15 minutes at the hospital.  I arrived at the hospital already dilated to more than 8cm!  As a first time mom, I have no doubt that without Jodi's help, I would not have had the same ability to trust in the natural process and tune in to my body through all the stages of labor.  We are so grateful! " Elli & Taylor, Paris

Jodi brought me into the light from not-knowing anything about how to overcome difficulties of my upcoming labor emotionally and physically. She's taught me how to be confident with my pregnancy and labor with her generous and kind way of guiding me with her hypnobirthing session. She's so patient, understanding and very knowledgable about every process of pregnancy and birth, and has made me so positive and relaxed about my labor without fear. You are a beautiful old-soul and I truly thank you Jodi!!! Phoebe, Paris

Jodi m'a accompagnée durant la grossesse avec plusieurs sessions de préparation, qui ont été extrêmement utiles !
A la fois les techniques d'hypnonaissance, de respiration et relaxation, mais aussi l'ensemble des explications et conseils prodigués par Jodi sur la naissance m'ont été très utiles pour aborder mon accouchement de manière sereine et pleine de confiance!
De plus, sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme sont sans égal et font d'elle un soutien incroyable (elle échangeait des textos avec moi alors que j'entrais en salle de travail !)
Quel que soit la méthode d'accouchement, les conseils et l'accompagnement de Jodi sont un soutien de choix !
 Victoire, Paris

Jodi is a wonderful human being! I was very anxious about my labour, petrified was the word I used to use and I would randomly burst into tears if anyone mentioned labour or their own birth stories. Jodi introduced me to hypnobirthing and helped me feel relaxed, confident and in control of my labour. She taught me techniques to help with surges and also the techniques helped me to be positive about the whole experience and this also helped me to establish my breastfeeding. I wish I'd been able to have Jodi there for my labour in person but she was there by text! Helping me make informed decisions about my labour. My partner and I are really grateful and I have no hesitation in recommending her. I was glad she was part of our experience.  Verity, London

Jodi is a very attentive, enthusiastic, caring character, from the moment we made email contact, Jodi was informative & warm.
Our hypnobirthing weekend at home was a very relaxing experience, we felt at ease with Jodi, her wealth of knowledge was natural & heart felt, she truly believes in her craft & understands it fully, not reading from scripts but from the heart, we really appreciated this. Jodi was fun & real with her teachings, something we could connect to. Jodi has given us the courage & hope for a very happy positive birth experience that we are looking forward to, fear of the unknown is now out of the window, belief in our selves, together as a team, is now in the driving seat, thanks to Hypnobirthing tools we can use confidently.
With love Samantha & Dennis Lamb. 
March 2016.

"Jodi helped us enormously during the birth of our son Nico in August 2015. We started off in the birth centre, having a natural (hypno) birth. She completely understood and supported our needs, and helped us maintain the mood and spirit of our birth plan as things took a different course and we had to move into the delivery suite. 

She supported us beautifully, listening to our input and helping us understand what was happening in a clear calm way, and giving us the time we wanted to try things as naturally as possible before it became clear that intervention was required. 

As things turned out, we needed an emergency caesarean section due to antepartum haemorrhage, but we felt that we'd had as natural a birth as possible and tried everything we could with Jodi's support along the way. 

We also really appreciated the fact that she took the time to come to visit us on the postnatal ward and reassure us that we'd all done the best we could. 

Jodi is calm, caring, sensitive and knowledgable - and combines invaluable practical experience as a Midwife in a busy London hospital with her hypnobirthing and natural birth knowledge - which makes her an ideal partner on this journey."  Jonathan & Emma