**July 2019 Update: I am not currently attending births as a Doula, as I am busy working on a number of other exciting projects.

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Positive Pregnancy Package

Typically Includes:

  •  antenatal consultations: 

    • Detailed discussion of your personal care needs: individual birth preferences, specific medical requirements/background, working with personal anxieties/fears etc.

    • Support and advice for all aspects of your pregnancy and birth choices: pain relief options, place of birth options, advice for early labour, alternative therapies for pregnancy, breastfeeding advice, writing your birth 'plan' or proposal...

    • Additional birth preparation activities: hypnobirthing practice, breathing and yoga techniques, meditation and mindfulness exercises for positive pregnancy and parenting

  • ongoing email/phone/skype support throughout the antenatal and postnatal period:

    • For any questions/concerns which might come up outside of our antenatal sessions: feel free to ask me anything relating to antenatal health and well-being, labour and birth, postnatal care and looking after your newborn

  • postnatal consultation:

    • birth debrief and emotional support/advice

    • practical postnatal support and advice: breastfeeding & expressing, postnatal body queries, postnatal exercise, settling the baby, bathing the baby...all other weird & wonderful baby-related questions!

24/7 Positive Birth Package

Includes all of the Positive Birth Preparation package (above) PLUS:

  • I also accompany you to the hospital/birth centre and provide you with ongoing support during your labour and birth: supporting you to use lots of different techniques (which we will have practiced antenatally) to help you to remain Calm, Comfortable, Relaxed and Positive during your labour and birth e.g. affirmations, meditations, breathing techniques, positive touch/massage techniques ...

  • 24/7 On-call support at home during early labour: On-going advice and reassurance throughout early labour: when shall I go to hospital? are these 'real' contractions? what should I be doing in early labour? breathing techniques, active birth positions etc.

  • Additional postnatal visit; for ongoing postnatal support and reassurance

All of my packages are highly personalised to you and our individual circumstances.  Packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit individual needs e.g extra antenatal/postnatal visits can be added at an additional cost. Hypnobirthing sessions can also be changed to a more 'traditional' antenatal education programme, if required.

'A la Carte' Doula advice & support

150€ per individual consultation

  • If you are simply looking for some extra support or advice around your pregnancy & birth choices in Paris then I offer individual consultations, usually in your home. Read more about this service here

Additional Visits (in addition to those included in Doula Package)

Antenatal and Postnatal visits: additional antenatal and postnatal visits can be arranged at a price of €150 per visit, based on a 2 hour visit. 

Hypnobirthing: additional, private pre-birth practice sessions with me, can be arranged at a price of 150€ per session.