Moving to France meditation! #altbeautyblog day 30!

P&O Ferry Terminal,

Dover, Kent, UK. 


That's a wrap people!

This pic marks the end of my month of daily meditation and today I also officially move my life to Paris!!!

Me, Herbette the plant, and all of my worldly belongings are about to hop on the ferry and make our move across the channel!

One last meditation in the van before we board! 

The last 30 days have been incredible and my daily meditations have had a remarkable impact on my motivation and mood! It has now become well and truly ingrained in my daily routine. And having committed to doing it for a whole month has really made me realise that it is totally possible to fit in at least 5 minutes every day, to touch base.

Thanks everyone for reading / following / sharing and especially to those who have got involved too!

I've been amazed by the amount of people who have contacted me about the blog and all the encouragement and support I have received, both from friends and people who I have never even met before on Instagram, twitter etc...

It's great to know that it has had a positive impact on others as well as me! 

Keep up the Zen kids!! And remember to share the love!!!

Midwife - Momma meditation. #altbeautyblog Day 29

The Meditation Room.

Triyoga, Camden, London.


Today I met with my lovely friend Verity, who is now 36 weeks pregnant, for some Green Tea, Preggo chat, and hypnobirthing practice.  Verity and I met earlier this year when we did Ayala Gill's wonderful mindfulness courses together at Triyoga.  

Verity was always smiley and open during classes and our friendship was sealed one day when we got uncontrollable fits of giggles during one of the mindfulness exercises, and set the entire class off laughing.  Had we been at school together we would most definitely have got into some serious mischief.

This afternoon we had a lovely catch-up and then I gave Verity and her little Lemon their first hypnobirthing class!

We focussed mainly on breathing techniques and visualisations for labour and birth, as well as discussing the use of pelvic floor exercises before and after birth.  This involved a lot of comedy pointing to our nether regions...  And there was plenty of time for chatter and giggles in-between!

Apparently Verity has recently invested in an 'Adult Colouring Book' as colouring in aids relaxation, which I find totally hilarious, but I can definitely see how that could work!

Since she’s getting all Art Attack/Women's Institute at the mo then this week’s homework for her is to start scribbling some positive birth affirmations on fancy coloured paper and dotting them around her house. Eg:

-       I see my baby’s birth as natural, healthy, swift and easy.

-       My baby is born gently, calmly, and healthily

-       With each surge my breath is slow and deep. 

-       My body is relaxed and my mind is calm.

Hopefully Verity will send us some photos of these various masterpieces, dotted around her gaff, soon!

It was an absolute pleasure to teach Verity today as she is just so joyful and gorgeous, and totally hilarious!  Laughter is such a great tool for relaxation and I know she is going to have an a lovely, positive birth!   

Thanks too to Triyoga Camden for the use of their peaceful meditiation room! Total Bliss!


Hackney Sunset. #altbeautyblog Day 28. How to meditate in Hackney

Homerton high rise

Hackney, London



As my month of meditation draws to a close, tonight I did a wonderful mindfulness meditation outside of my flat in Homerton. 

I love this photo as it captures the spirit of being able to find peace and tranquility ANYWHERE. Even in the madness that is a Homerton high rise.  Or, as my housemate Holly put it: 

“You don’t have to be in a glamorous place, or have some amazing ambiance to be able to meditate.”     

It's funny, as even after all of the beautiful places I have visited and meditated this month, from stunning Cascades to incredible eco-hotels in the middle of the Canadian Massifs, I still feel most at peace by sitting in my own back yard in Hackney.

I guess, after a while, you can learn to call anywhere home!  My neighbours here are nothing short of hilarious, so they definitely deserve a shout-out at this point:

At number 4 we have 'Mickey and the boys' who regularly pump iron topless in the front garden.  There are frequent gatherings of alpha males lurking outside our front porch.  All of them drive vans, and they are extremely friendly SOLID chaps. We even received a neighbourly festive christmas card signed - I kid you not - "Mickey and the Boys."

At number 6 we have Lisa and friends, who inhibit what is essentially a 24/7 rave den.  The relentless Radio 1 dance hits started the Saturday night that I moved in, over a year ago, and have rarely eased off since then.  At the tender age of 40 Lisa is Hackneys No. 1 vintage party queen.  After several complaints to hackney council noise pollution I decided that living my life to the background soundtrack of Annie Mac and Pete Tong was my inevitable destiny.  So I swallowed it and submitted to the Zen...If Lisa is the Hackney's number 1 raver, I am now the leading global expert on meditating/sleeping over full blast house music.

During the making of this photo a hooded teenage boy made a brief visit to chez Lisa, for what we can only assume was to "pick up."  Holly tried her damndest to capture him on camera but he was too sprightly! The fella who was chased by police from her flat a few weeks ago was equally nippy…. 

Anyway!! Back to the meditation blog:

Tonight was a bit of a monster meditation session! I did 15 minutes meditation of my own meditation and then I listened to the "Cultivating a full heart" mindfulness MP3 recorded by my mindfulness/yoga teacher Ayala Gill.  

This is one of my favourite mindfulness meditations, where you cultivate a warm and nourishing sense of love, calm and safety in your heart.  Being able to generate a felt sense simply by using visualisation is such a wonderful gift.  It's really incredible to feel such a strong sensation in your body that you have created entirely from your own thoughts!

Pre-NightShift meditation : #altbeautyblog Day 26

Birth Centre, Homerton Hospital, London



Last night I was feeling remarkably fresh for a nightshift!

I looked after a lovely couple who were hypnobirthing during labour - it is always such a pleasure to see hypnobirthing in action! And the woman's partner was so supportive with his wife's hypnobirthing techniques! I was mega impressed! He had the whole "long breaths, relaxed jaw,"  "feeling grounded, feeling relaxed" patter down to a T!

I have been doing my daily meditations for almost a month now! And I have really noticed a big change in my mood and motivation since doing them!  Having committed to a whole month of daily meditations, as well as the daily pictures, has really kept me inspired and motivated. 

I've also been AMAZED by the amount of people who've started conversations with me about my practice, as a result of the  #altbeautyblog, and/or have expressed an interest to start meditation/mindfulness!

I've had tonnes of emails, support and ideas/inspiration from friends and also lots of people wanting tips on how to get started!  Last night I even had one of the Band 7 midwives (senior Midwives in charge) asking me about how to get started with meditation and how it can help with relaxation, and calming a busy mind!  Some of the other midwives also added meditation apps to their phone as a result of overhearing this conversation!

Good news travels fast! I'm so glad that my daily meditations are having a ripple effect!   I've really enjoyed doing them and am even more glad that it's having a positive effect on others as well as me! 

Hash Tag ZEN!




#altbeautyblog Day 21

Paris riverbank: Ile de saint louis.



I have already started to notice a big difference in my mood, motivation and mindset.

Having committed to taking a picture every day has really motivated me to keep going.

I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!