Moving to France meditation! #altbeautyblog day 30!

P&O Ferry Terminal,

Dover, Kent, UK. 


That's a wrap people!

This pic marks the end of my month of daily meditation and today I also officially move my life to Paris!!!

Me, Herbette the plant, and all of my worldly belongings are about to hop on the ferry and make our move across the channel!

One last meditation in the van before we board! 

The last 30 days have been incredible and my daily meditations have had a remarkable impact on my motivation and mood! It has now become well and truly ingrained in my daily routine. And having committed to doing it for a whole month has really made me realise that it is totally possible to fit in at least 5 minutes every day, to touch base.

Thanks everyone for reading / following / sharing and especially to those who have got involved too!

I've been amazed by the amount of people who have contacted me about the blog and all the encouragement and support I have received, both from friends and people who I have never even met before on Instagram, twitter etc...

It's great to know that it has had a positive impact on others as well as me! 

Keep up the Zen kids!! And remember to share the love!!!