Midwife - Momma meditation. #altbeautyblog Day 29

The Meditation Room.

Triyoga, Camden, London.


Today I met with my lovely friend Verity, who is now 36 weeks pregnant, for some Green Tea, Preggo chat, and hypnobirthing practice.  Verity and I met earlier this year when we did Ayala Gill's wonderful mindfulness courses together at Triyoga.  

Verity was always smiley and open during classes and our friendship was sealed one day when we got uncontrollable fits of giggles during one of the mindfulness exercises, and set the entire class off laughing.  Had we been at school together we would most definitely have got into some serious mischief.

This afternoon we had a lovely catch-up and then I gave Verity and her little Lemon their first hypnobirthing class!

We focussed mainly on breathing techniques and visualisations for labour and birth, as well as discussing the use of pelvic floor exercises before and after birth.  This involved a lot of comedy pointing to our nether regions...  And there was plenty of time for chatter and giggles in-between!

Apparently Verity has recently invested in an 'Adult Colouring Book' as colouring in aids relaxation, which I find totally hilarious, but I can definitely see how that could work!

Since she’s getting all Art Attack/Women's Institute at the mo then this week’s homework for her is to start scribbling some positive birth affirmations on fancy coloured paper and dotting them around her house. Eg:

-       I see my baby’s birth as natural, healthy, swift and easy.

-       My baby is born gently, calmly, and healthily

-       With each surge my breath is slow and deep. 

-       My body is relaxed and my mind is calm.

Hopefully Verity will send us some photos of these various masterpieces, dotted around her gaff, soon!

It was an absolute pleasure to teach Verity today as she is just so joyful and gorgeous, and totally hilarious!  Laughter is such a great tool for relaxation and I know she is going to have an a lovely, positive birth!   

Thanks too to Triyoga Camden for the use of their peaceful meditiation room! Total Bliss!