Breastfeeding essentials workshops with Nicola

This comprehensive workshop will cover everything you need to know to prepare you for successful and confident breastfeeding - including common problems and how to avoid them.

Course Price: 60€ for 2 hour workshop                   

**If you have a doula package with DoulaParis this class is included as part of your package**

 *if you have done a hypnobirthing course with DoulaParis there is a 20% discount on this course: please email for the discount code*


 Course Dates:

 - Tuesday 17th May 19:30 - 21:30
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 - Tuesday 28th June 19:00 - 21:00 

If these course dates do not suit please do get in touch as alternative dates may be available.

Course Structure & Content:

 - Benefits of Breastfeeding

 - Anatomy and physiology of the breast in pregnancy and lactation

 - Skin to skin immediately after birth and beyond

 - Making the most of the 'Golden hour' (first hour after birth)

 - The Early days and weeks

 - Feeding cues

 - Positioning/ latch

 - "Supply and demand"

 - Signs baby is getting enough

 - Common concerns

 - When /where to get advice/help

 - Brief discussion of pumping 

 - Importance of exclusive breastfeeding

 - Clips of films showing immediate skin to skin after birth and self attachment, clips showing positions and latch on

 - Time for questions

About Nicola

Nicola has over 25 years of supporting women in labour and delivery. For almost three decades she has been a strong advocate of physiological birth and exclusive breastfeeding. Nicola has worked in a variety of settings including birth centers and hospitals. A registered nurse in the UK and USA, she has worked with low risk and high risk pregnant women, and is always sensitive to the emotions, comfort, safety and wishes of the woman and her partner. Nicola is also a prenatal educator and certified lactation counselor. In 2014-2015 she was part of a breastfeeding task force to promote rates of exclusive breastfeeding and baby friendly hospital practices.  Nicola lives in Paris and is a mother of three children( now all in their twenties). She enjoys walking, poetry and meditation.




Breastfeeding support consultations

Individual breastfeeding support consultations available upon request from experienced breastfeeding support specialists. Please contact us for more details.