Hypnobirthing Testimonial from Paris

"Jodi is amazing!  I can't recommend her hypnobirthing course enough.  My husband and I both learned so much and the course gave us both the knowledge of the physiology of the natural birth process that we needed to face a drug-free birth without fear. We wanted to labor at home for as long as possible before going to the hospital to avoid the constant monitoring and to lessen the possibility of intervention.  Labor lasted 9 hours from the first contraction to the arrival of our son, Bennett.  Thanks to Jodi's instruction, I was able to calmly and confidently labor at home for most of it and ended up spending only the last 1 hour 15 minutes at the hospital.  I arrived at the hospital already dilated to more than 8cm!  As a first time mom, I have no doubt that without Jodi's help, I would not have had the same ability to trust in the natural process and tune in to my body through all the stages of labor.  We are so grateful!"  Elli & Taylor, Paris

I am so pleased to have received this wonderful testimonial from a lovely couple I worked with in Paris recently!  It's such an honour and privilege to work so closely with parents and to know that my support and teachings make a difference

Elli and Taylor were first time parents and they came at the Hypnobirthing with really open minds. They truly believed and trusted in the Hypnobirthing techniques - and they practised hard!  Since they were so well equipt - and Elli's partner Taylor was so onboard and supportive of both her and the hypnobirthing - I was confident that Ellie would have a smooth and swift labour and birth (although I had no idea it would be quite so swift and straightforward!).  I am so over the moon for them both!

Hypnobirthing works people!!