Postnatal Yoga Class - starting Wed 7th December

Postnatal Yoga classes, Paris 11ème

Taster class : 10€

Individual class : 18€

5 class pass: €75 (15€ per class)


This postnatal yoga class will be focussed on mindful meditation & gentle yoga that follow on from what you have done in prenatal classes & hypnobirthing.  You are also very welcome to come along if you have never done any yoga before! No experience is necessary!

Mindful breathing techniques are especially useful for calming emotions and anxieties postnatally and gently healing your body postnatally.

They specifically help to restore balance in the nervous system & re-energise those of you who are sleep deprived!

There will also be gentle yoga movements specifically designed for the needs of your postnatal body such as gently toning the abdominal muscles and strengthening the back.

The emphasis will be gentle everything at the beginning.

Most new mums undoubtedly have periods where they feel in need of relaxing, re-energising & recuperation more than anything, so there will be a "come as you are" philosophy so that you still feel you can come along to class and recharge even when you are your most bedraggled & sleep deprived : ) 

And the good news is that all of this can be done with your babe by your side - so the little ones are welcome to come along for some Om sweet Om too!!

please email me if you would like to sign up for my postnatal yoga classes!