Video clip: Using Hypnobirthing techniques in Labour

"Birth is Beautiful not painful!"

Here's a short clip of some of the Hypnobirthing  - and other relaxation techniques -  that I used during a Homebirth in Paris last week.

Hopefully this visual demonstrates how easy and effective these techniques are to use, in supporting women to staying calm, focussed and positive during labour!

Hypnobirthing techniques really are very simple to learn! And the beauty of the course is that you and your birth partner can practice all of these tools throughout your pregnancy  - so they are very well prepared to support you on the day!  

"You're all dreamy now!" Renata feeling like a Goddess in Labour; calm, confident and completely relaxed!

"You're all dreamy now!" Renata feeling like a Goddess in Labour; calm, confident and completely relaxed!

This short clip shows just a few examples of the many hypnobirthing/yoga/and relaxation techniques that can be used to help to support a gentle, relaxed and comfortable birth; I hope that it will be useful as a teaching/learning tool to show how these tools can work beautifully on the day of the birth!

And you don't HAVE to have a hypnobirthing Doula to practice these hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy and birth - although of course it helps! 

My enormous thanks to Renata Rodrigues for allowing me to share these clips and help to promote a more realistic and positive image of birth! Renata says she wants everyone to know that: "Birth is Beautiful not painful!"

The full documentary film of this birth "My Choice: A homebirth in Paris" is currently being edited by @BeaMoyes and we are super excited about sharing it with you all soon! 

During this clip I am reading some extracts from a KG Hypnobirthing script "Story for Childbirth," from "The Hypnobirthing Book." Many thanks to Moira Campbell for this beautiful extract, and to Katherine Graves for teaching me this  - and many other wonderful techniques -  to support women in pregnancy and childbirth.

More thanks and gratitude to @BeaMoyes for capturing these wonderful images!

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